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Please identify / define each of the following terms and explain its importance in Roman history.

  1. ager publicus
  2. augur
  3. censor
  4. Centuriate assembly (comitia centuriata)
  5. consul
  6. dictator
  7. equites
  8. fasces
  9. humiliores
  10. imperium
  11. Justinian’s Codex
  12. lex / leges
  13. lictors
  14. Macedonian Wars
  15. manus
  16. optimates
  17. Plebian assembly (concilium plebis)
  18. pontifex maximus
  19. praetor
  20. provincia
  21. publicanus / publicani
  22. Punic Wars
  23. quaestor
  24. rescripts (rescripta)
  25. secession
  26. senatus consultum
  27. Social War
  28. Third Century Crisis
  29. Twelve Tables
  30. Vestal Virgin


Pleaseselect 2 of the following essays to answer. Answer each fully bydrawing on the textbook, class discussion, and your outside reading.Cite your sources and provide bibliography as necessary (refer tolibrary orientation for when this is necessary). Each response shouldbe a fully formed essay, including an argumentative thesis supported byevidence in each paragraph. Each response should be 2-3 pages(double-spaced) in length.

1. Historiansand archaeologists have long mistrusted many of the tales recorded inthe Roman historical tradition about the founding of Rome. However,recent research has confirmed some of these details. What is ourcurrent understanding of Archaic Rome? When did it start? What did itlook like? What is our evidence regarding the various elements of itssociety?

2. EarlyRome was influenced by a number of neighboring cultures. Which was themost important to Rome’s formation and eventual success? Why?

3. Compareand contrast Rome’s early experience with imperial holds in Spain andGreece. How did Rome treat its subjects? What factors affected how Romeapproached each region?

4. DescribeOctavian’s first and second settlements. How did these solve thepolitical and social problems encountered by the Republic during thelast 100 years of its existence?

5. Inrecent years, scholars have begun to argue that the creation of a newcapital for the Roman empire in Constantinople made logistical sense.Others have argued that the city was founded by Constantine to glorifyhimself and to create a capital in which he could glorify his new godwithout competition from the old. What evidence supports each theory?Which theory do you find most compelling? Why?

6. Slaverywas an essential part of Roman social and economic life. Describe theroles that slaves might play. Further, scholars have argued that thegrowth of slavery in the second century BCE contributed to the declineof the Republican system of government. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

7. Empressesand queens often wielded substantial power in Rome. What is ourevidence about the rights and responsibilities of women in Romansociety in general? To what degree do the lives of the elite womenrepresent opportunities widely available to women in the Roman world?

8. Who were the citizens of Rome? What were their rights and responsibilities? How did those grow and change over time?

9. TheRoman army grew and changed with the state. Please describe the army atvarious points in its evolution and describe its relationship to thecontemporary political and economic situation. What was the mostimportant change to the army? Why?

10. TheRoman economy remained agrarian throughout its history, neverdeveloping into a true market economy. What factors were responsiblefor shaping the Roman economy? What were its most important innovations?

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  • 효우도 2009/10/16 08:34 # 삭제

    힘내세요. 살다보면 힏든 일도 있지만 좋은 일도 있겠지요.
  • 萬古獨龍 2009/10/16 09:01 #

    다, 다 좋은데 영어라서 눈이 빙글빙글.....
  • LVP 2009/10/16 11:30 #

    로마사 특화 과제로근영.

    여기는 현재 History of Western Civilization 이라는 타이틀을 달고 있는데, 이상하게 자유과제에서는, (아시리아 법전 등을 이용한) 여권신장 비스무리한 내용(?)이 과제의 70%이니....

    ※차라리 Cord Scott 라는 저번 양반이였다면, 자유주제 하나에 선택과제 하나라서 포스팅재료 겸 숙제로 때울 수 있었겠지만...
  • 월광토끼 2009/10/17 12:08 #

    로마사 수업이니까요.
  • Allenait 2009/10/16 12:11 #

    ..저거 사실상 과제 아닙니까(...) 좀더 학생 괴롭히는 물건이긴 하지만.
  • 아일우드 2009/10/16 12:45 #

    집에서 하는 시험도 있어요?? ㅎㄷㄷ
  • 월광토끼 2009/10/17 12:08 #

    네 있습니다.
  • 엽기당주 2009/10/16 13:36 # 삭제

    저게 진짜 시험에 가까울지도.

    서로 머리싸매서 같이 한다고 해봤자 커닝이란게 성립할수도 없는

    진짜 공부하게 만들고 배운걸 얼마나 이해했는지 테스트가 가능한..문과들만의 악몽이죠.

    저도 학교다닐때 중국중세사 기말시험이 기억나는군요.

    빈종이 2장 주고 '중국중세에 대해 논하라'

    문제 이걸로 끝. -_-;

    사실 저도 사학과 출신이라..
  • 월광토끼 2009/10/17 12:09 #

    그렇죠. 바로 그런 취지에서 테이크 홈.. 이어도 상관없다는 것 같습니다 -_-;

    그래도 전 이과보단 훨씬 낫다고 생각해요.
  • 들꽃향기 2009/10/16 19:20 #

    Vestal Virgin 이 더 관심이 가네요 ㄷㄷ
  • 월광토끼 2009/10/17 12:10 #

    그냥 베스타 여신을 섬기는 여사제들이에요. 수녀처럼 평생 처녀라서 버진이고. 별거 없어요 -_-;
  • Madian 2009/10/16 19:39 #

    아우구스타를 empress와 queen으로 구분하는건가요? 같은 의미 아닐지
  • 월광토끼 2009/10/17 12:10 #

    황비냐 왕비냐 그냥 어휘에 다양성을 주려고 저리 써놓은것 뿐입니다
  • 원생군 2009/10/16 23:47 #

    순간 제목보고 식겁했습니다..., 유출은 진짜 곱게 안 끝나니까요
  • 월광토끼 2009/10/17 12:11 #

    제가 설마 진짜 그런 중대한 짓을 저지르겠습니까
  • 원생군 2009/10/17 12:15 #

    꼭 월광님이 아니더라도 근처에서 일어난 일을 적으실 수도 있으니까요. 애초부터 월광님이

    낸 사건이라 생각하고 보지 않았습니다. 다만 학교가 시끄러운 것을 설명하시겠구나 해서

  • 위장효과 2009/10/18 22:10 #

    30개 용어와 에세이 주제를 보니...이 과제는 "로마사 통사를 한권 써라."로밖에는 안 보입니다...
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